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INXCO Development offers valuable support to uplift, train, develop and sustain communities within our means. It is our intention to provide our services to help support the South African communities by setting up a platform from which we can receive donations to the various funds founded by INXCO Development 2020. 

We are licensed to issue official tax certificates to any business or corporation that can find it in their hearts to show their support via donations big or small in order to show your support to local artists, businesses and event organisers that feel the impact of a crisis to their cores.


The hearts of men are filled with desires. These desires become misdirected when
men fail to uncover their true identity. Only the Creator can define the creation.
God intended for every man to experience a full, godly-masculine life.
To be zealous men. To be men of but one thing – to please God and advance
the Kingdom. Courageous, whole-hearted, uncompromising men.

Modern society has made it near impossible for men to reach the
summit of godly manhood on their own. Therefore, we take on the journey
united, as a brotherhood. Adventure awaits!


Being a new mom can be overwhelming and scary, which is why #ThulaBabaBasket comes with essential products and an infant care guide to offer some assistance to all new moms out there.

We hope to make a positive impact in communities where new moms don’t have the means to purchase beds for their babies.

We want to instil hope in underprivileged moms that they can take care of their infants, and to help alleviate considerations for abortions as far as possible.

Registration Nr: 2017 / 262264 / 08

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