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The Mysterious Stranger Part Two…

We have yet another client surrounded by mystery as we cannot yet disclose what this savvy businessman has up his sleeve. We are absolutely dying to talk about it, but unfortunately, the nature of his idea is so sensitive and so ingenious that the industry he operates in will forever be changed at least within the Garden Route area, to say the least. 

We are absolutely buzzing like little INXCO worker bees trying to get this client’s bells and whistles together so that we can announce it to the world! We want to ask our readers to keep an eye out for when we name drop, perhaps on a sunny Monday sometime when we do another client brag. 

Until then, you will have to sit on your hands at the edge of your computer screens, waiting patiently for this eCommerce bombshell to drop its link and place your orders.

Until then, good luck to this stranger and his new business! 

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