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The Mysterious Stranger…

We’ve been putting a lot of effort toward what could be considered “custom” jobs on behalf of a few of our clients and it has been paying off!

What we have found is that when you find yourself brainstorming with your first few clients, the solutions you offer are usually straightforward in terms of service rendered, but as you grow and serve slightly more established brands or companies, the solutions they need from you are slightly more complex. 

We are currently in the process of serving a client with complex and intricate needs to help this brand be a South African pioneer in its niche industry. Even though the requirements of serving a brand with complex desires are challenging, it is always a great source of joy for our INXCO team to be able to step back and see what we manage to accomplish on behalf of our straightforward and complex clients.

Check-in with us on Wednesdays to keep an eye out for the announcement of the brand name we are currently serving and see if you could guess the industry correctly! 

Hint: This brand needs a custom eCommerce website but does not exclusively sell products!

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