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Collaborate or else!

Collaboration is the key to survival for the modern entrepreneur. For those of us who might be old-school business folk, you will notice how things have started shifting as the mood in the business world shifts from competitive behaviour to strategic partnerships. One could argue that this is still a competitive move, and we agree, but it is still competition based on who made the best collaboration which shifts the focus over to “who can build the best relationship with another company the fastest”. This is way better in our opinion as opposed to the old mentality of “you do you and I’ll do my thing”.

Most of our smaller and more local brands can’t compete with bigger brands and that’s a fact. Smaller brands are outgunned, outmanned and usually on the brink of being impoverished compared to large corporations, but fortunately, these faceless corporations are out of touch in some cases which acts as a glimmer of hope to the rest of us looking to make rent. 

There are far more benefits and motives for businesses and brands to collaborate instead of competing against each other. When we compete we segment the market, but when we collaborate we grow the size of the entire market by potentially serving a bigger target market. 

Personally, we would rather collaborate & innovate. We would rather own

2% of the world’s biggest pie than 50% of the world’s smallest pie. 

TLDR; Collaborate with INXCO!

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