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Throw Curveballs, not Spanners.

Today we focus on what it is to be a business owner in today’s world versus what it was like in days of doing business in the past. We also look at some of the newer and more exciting challenges we have to face as business owners today as opposed to those who came before us. 

Business owners today face the challenge of trying to be a bakery in a street of 50 bakeries. We have two options and they are to either be the best bakery in town or to be a bakery with a twist that offers an exclusive experience to a niche target audience that exists in the market of individuals looking to buy bread. The second option is usually the better option for us since there is only one spot for being the best which usually goes to the bakery with the most resources at their disposal. For those of us who only just started, it’s an unrealistic dream for now. This is where our strategy for throwing the market a few curveballs come into play. 

We need to be new, different, unique or at least, exciting to snag a few slices of the client base pie.  The older businesses faced the challenge of constantly competing to be the best which meant that all business was of fantastic quality in both product, service and client services. This is where our modern business challenge comes into play. 

Older generations feel a drop in quality of product and service because today’s business owner needs to be new and unique instead of top quality to survive. We suggest that you grow business slower and keep the quality of what you offer to clients the quality of those who hold top positions in your industry of business and only later focus on growing your client base by conducting business with an interesting twist once you are well established. This method makes for a sustainable approach to whatever industry you are in. 

Keep the world on its toes and never throw a spanner in your works by trying to be different instead of useful. 

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